Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment:

Rogers is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital, nationally recognized for specialty residential treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults.

Rogers Partners in Behavioral Health

Rogers Partners in Behavioral Health, LLC is an entrepreneurial affiliate of the Rogers Behavioral Health System. Its goal is to develop new opportunities and revenue sources for the system. Currently, service lines include contract management and consultation with hospitals, businesses and government agencies, as well as managed care services and physician billing.

Behavioral Solutions for Health Care and Business

Hospitals and primary care clinics are now the leading treatment sites for behavioral health (mental illness and chemical dependency) patients. In fact, one-fourth of hospital patients present with behavioral health issues including depression, drug use, suicide attempts and cognitive impairment. Care is often complicated by placement issues, reimbursement challenges, staff shortages and other concerns. Does your organization have the expertise and capacity to provide quality behavioral health services in a cost-efficient manner?

Rogers Partners in Behavioral Health has a track record of success in this area. Through contract management agreements we provide on-site clinical and fiscal management expertise at hospitals and other health care locations. Working together we can find solutions and achieve superior clinical and financial results.

The Rogers Partners Advantage

As an affiliate of the Rogers Behavioral Health System, an organization with more than 100 years of experience in providing behavioral health services, Rogers Partners is part of a traditional of excellence in specialized behavioral health services. Our on-site managers are supported by the entire Rogers System and maintain access to a variety of experts in clinical care, finance, marketing and health care management. Through Rogers Partners, the experience and expertise of the Rogers System is now available to your organization.

Your Strategic Objectives

Our recommendations are based on a thorough assessment of your facility’s financial performance, strategic goals, and operational strengths and weaknesses. Although disciplined in our methods, we are flexible and creative in our thinking to find solutions to complex clinical and financial problems. We work with you to identify opportunities for improvement, set measurable goals, and provide the management expertise necessary to achieve objectives in the following areas:

Strategic Planning

  • Define expectations for behavioral health services
  • Integration with primary care or support of other services
  • New program development
  • Forming strategic partnerships

Financial Management

  • Budgeting and benchmarking
  • Revenue enhancement
  • Cost analysis and containment
  • Utilization management
  • Managed care contracting
  • Billing analysis and improvement

Clinical Excellence

  • Physician recruitment, contracting and management
  • Specialized training from nationally recognized experts
  • Implementation of integration strategies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Implementation of best practice standards

Facility Assessment

  • Scope of service review
  • Clinical needs assessment: safety, clinical effectiveness and regulatory compliance
  • Comprehensive financial review: cost structures, staffing mix, contracts, volumes and payor mix

The Benefits of Rogers Partners Contract Management

When you contract with Rogers Partners, you can be confident that a qualified and competent management team with specialized expertise in behavioral health is addressing a key challenge at your organization. With Rogers Partners on-site, your management team can focus on other opportunities. Expect our team to provide the following:

  • Strong clinical expertise
  • Optimized financial performance for behavioral health services
  • Integration between behavioral health services and other hospital units
  • Improved access for medical patients also suffering from behavioral disorders
  • Improved relationships with physicians, patients and referents/community members
  • Improved regulatory compliance

See the Difference

“We have a high level of trust in RPBH because of their presence and involvement at all levels of the organization.”

—Community Memorial Hospital Representative

“With Rogers Partners we have had an outstanding fiscal record, something we had not had in the past, and we have had the ability to substantially grow our programs. Our own staff is very satisfied and the hospital system as a whole has benefited greatly. I would recommend Rogers Partners to any health care system that wants to run a psychiatric program that they can be proud of.”

—Columbia St. Mary’s, Department Chair, Psychiatry

“On our largest inpatient unit, direct salary costs on the inpatient psychiatric units have been reduced by 39 percent and census has been increased by 55 percent.”

—Columbia St. Mary’s Representative

Our contract management success was recognized in 2006 when Rogers was awarded the Health Care Hero Award for Corporate Achievement based on our work developing behavioral health services at two Wisconsin hospitals.

Ready to Speak with Rogers Partners?

If your organization is ready to for a new direction for behavioral health services, give us a call and learn more about what Rogers Partners can offer.

Rogers Partners in Behavioral Health
Behavioral Solutions for Health Care and Business

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