Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment:

Rogers is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital, nationally recognized for specialty residential treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults.

Community Outreach Team

Community Outreach representatives serve as the primary liaison for healthcare professionals who would like to learn more about Rogers’ treatment services. We encourage you to contact them with questions.


Mary Jo Wiegratz

National Outreach Manager

Mary Jo is responsible for developing and recommending the strategy, budget and the implementation of the national outreach efforts of Rogers Behavioral Healthcare System. She works closely with the national outreach team through hiring, training and mentoring while also maintaining connections with behavioral health care professionals throughout the country.


Kristy Kaul

National Outreach Representative - Nashville

Kristy works with referents, patients and families who are looking for more information on the specialty mental health programs at Rogers Behavioral Health, both in Nashville and nationwide.


Jean Corrao

National Outreach Representative

Jean is the primary outreach contact for Rogers’s eating disorder programs. She also supports outreach efforts directed towards the chemical dependency, OCD, mood disorders, and child and adolescent residential programs at Rogers.


Rick Ramsay

National Outreach Representative – East Coast

Rick focuses his outreach efforts on the East Coast where he establishes and builds relationships with others in the mental health and addiction fields. He also works closely with individuals and families by providing information and assistance in finding the appropriate treatment program.

Phone:(413) 528-1784
Cell:(413) 822-8013

Blair McAnany, MSW, LCSW

National Outreach Representative – Chicago

Blair resides in Chicago where she establishes professional relationships and creates awareness for Rogers’ nationally recognized residential treatment programs for eating disorders, OCD/anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. She is the key contact for the FOCUS program, a residential program for young adults with depression and other mood disorders.

Cell: (815) 871-7284

Kara Partin

National Outreach Representative - Tampa Bay

Based in Tampa, Kara’s outreach efforts are concentrated on promoting Rogers’ newly established specialized programs in Florida for OCD and anxiety, with separate programs for children and adults. She works with psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other professionals to promote a collaborative continuum of care for individuals.



Janet Gatlin, MBA

Community Outreach Representative

Janet works closely with professionals, clinics and schools in metropolitan Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin to provide information about the full spectrum of Rogers’ local programming for children, teens and adults.


Anne Hahn, MPH

Community Outreach Representative

Working closely with mental health and other medical professionals, Anne supports local outreach efforts in the Madison, Dane County and surrounding areas, and the Brown Deer region.

Phone:(262) 646-1767

Barry Thomet

Customer Relations Specialist

Barry ThometBarry currently works with admissions and our residential teams to gain valuable feedback from patients, families and providers. He continues with outreach support for obsessive-compulsive disorder and related anxiety disorders, including work with the International OCD Foundation.


Dianne Bartmann

Community Outreach Representative

Dianne provides information and updates about the variety of programs at Rogers to local mental health professionals, pediatricians and school personnel. Although she retired in 2005, she returned to Rogers part time to assist with special projects

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