Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment:

Rogers is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital, nationally recognized for specialty residential treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults.

The Five-Day Evaluation For Impaired Professionals

Substance use and mental health disorders affect not only the individual, but also their family, co-workers and the community. The shame, guilt and stigma that are still associated with addiction and psychiatric conditions make it difficult for individuals to seek help. For an addicted professional, concerns surrounding both their professional and community status present additional barriers. The Herrington Recovery Center at Rogers Memorial Hospital offers a comprehensive residential evaluation service designed specifically for professionals who may have a health condition with the potential to lead to impairment with professional, family or community functioning.

The in-depth evaluation offered by the Herrington Recovery Center helps to identify symptoms and diagnoses. It also provides recommendations to employers, licensing boards, regulatory agencies and other privileging organizations about the professional’s ability to function at the expert judgment level required for his or her position.

From arrival on Sunday until departure on Friday, the professional participates in a structured program within a quiet, confidential setting. Following a thorough medical assessment, interaction with peers begins as soon as possible to encourage the involvement that is crucial to breaking through denial.

Over the next four days, members of the treatment team, which may include an addictionologist, psychiatrist, neuropsychologist, family therapist, and alcohol and drug abuse counselor, conduct various assessments. These assessments may include psychological testing, an addictive disease assessment and psychiatric evaluation. The professional attends group therapies and individual sessions. He or she is asked to prepare an autobiography and present it in a group session, as well as attend evening 12-Step meetings, and for physicians with possible chemical dependency, off-campus Caduceus meetings.

This comprehensive approach keeps the professional engaged in the process, creating a greater chance for him or her to work through denial and discover underlying issues. It also allows time for the treatment team to cross-check assessments and better define the professional’s specific needs.

In a Friday morning conference, the treatment team reviews all assessments and evaluations with the professional and the referent. Written documentation is provided to the individual and to the referring agency the day of departure. Staff reviews continuing care or plans with other recommendations with the professional. The program’s thoroughness provides a strong opportunity for successful recovery. Download a PDF of this page.

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