Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment:

Rogers is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital, nationally recognized for specialty residential treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults.

The New OCD Center at Cedar Ridge

The Rogers OCD Center staff is led by clinical psychologist Bradley Reimann, PhD. Other members of the team you will encounter include a board-certified psychiatrist, behavioral specialists, master’s level therapists, nurse, experiential therapists, dietitian and residential counselors.

Bradley C. Riemann, PhD
Clinical Director OCD Center - CBT Services
Bradley C. Riemann, PhD
Amanda Vogt
Clinical Services Manager - OCD Center
Amanda Vogt
Mark Rossing, MD
Medical Director, OCD Center
Mark Rossing, MD

OCD treatment redefined

Patients at the OCD Center benefit from a program recognized as one of the top two residential programs for obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment in the world, led by Bradley Reimann, PhD, an internationally recognized expert in the field.

Here, our highly experienced specialists partner with you, providing all the tools you need to get better. Following an evidence-based approach, Rogers’ staff members use cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), emphasizing exposure and response prevention (ERP)—a treatment method that has set the standard in OCD treatment, with outstanding outcomes to prove it.

Rogers’ comprehensive program for OCD and related anxiety disorders provides all levels of specialty behavioral health care for children, teens and adults. We treat more people daily with severe OCD than anywhere else in the world, including patients from the United States, Canada and China in the past year.

All told, Rogers provides a level of understanding and comprehensive OCD care that’s simply unsurpassed.

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Help Has a New Home

Already recognized as an international leader in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Rogers Memorial Hospital takes our high-quality care one step further with the opening of the relocated OCD Center at Cedar Ridge. Nestled in a serene, lakeside setting amid 23 wooded acres, this new adult residential facility expands our capacity, supports the patient experience and enhances growth and healing.

Here, you will find integrated OCD treatment and living quarters under one roof. The large, lodge-styled dining hall, day rooms and fireplaces provide a warm, comfortable atmosphere, while outdoor patios, walking trails and picturesque lakes add a calming touch.

Rogers OCD Center is simply a place where you will want to stay as we work with you to gain the skills you need for a life worth living.

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