Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment:

Rogers is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital, nationally recognized for specialty residential treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults.

Child and Adolescent Day Treatment Celebrates Independence Day

At Rogers Memorial Hospital, the children and adolescents enrolled in Rogers’ Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Program celebrated with special activities that included a cook-out, a dunk tank, jewelry-making, and other arts and crafts. “It offers the kids a special day where they can celebrate the holiday while continuing their care.” states Community Outreach representative Janet Gatlin. “Most of the staff comes out to take part in the festivities, the excitement is contagious.”

The celebration provides a unique opportunity for kids and staff to interact in a different way, reenergizing everyone involved in the treatment process. A step outside the normal routine, while stressful for some, is helpful in further developing social skills, self-confidence and coping skills.

See our Child and Adolescent staff at the celebration by visiting our Facebook Photo Album.

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