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Residential Treatment:

Rogers is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital, nationally recognized for specialty residential treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults.

Depression: There’s Help, a Key Message From Marquette’s Recent Forum

Peter M. Lake, MD, Medical Director at Rogers Memorial Hospital - Oconomowoc, recently served as one of four panelists during a breakfast forum at Marquette University in Milwaukee. Entitled “Depression – The Intersection of Hope, Medicine and Research,” the forum addressed many aspects of depression and its treatment. During his presentation, Dr. Lake cited alarming statistics, indicating 1 out of every 5 people will have a major depressive disorder in his/her lifetime. “More children and adolescents have a diagnosable mental illness than diabetes, HIV and leukemia combined,” he said. The good news, however, is that treatment can help!

Suzy Favor Hamilton, an Olympic runner who is successfully coping with depression, shared her story. Her struggle began as a teenager, but she resisted treatment until her husband encouraged her to seek help. Suzy’s story of how the combination of medication and therapy brought her relief provides hope for many who suffer the effects of depression today. Expanding on her story, Paul J. Gasser, PhD, an assistant professor with the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Marquette University College of Health Sciences, and William E. Cullinan, PhD, a professor and dean of Marquette University College of Health Sciences, gave presentations on the science of the brain and the differences seen in those with depression. They explained that depression is biologically based, and that’s why there are biological interventions that work. In addition, cognitive-behavioral therapy and other forms of treatment can make a difference. If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, don’t hesitate to get help. Call 800-767-4411 for a screening today or visit our online screening request page!

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