Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment:

Rogers is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital, nationally recognized for specialty residential treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults.

Dr. Cornella-Carlson Featured in M Magazine

Tracey Lee Cornella-Carlson, MD, Medical Director for Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Services at Rogers Memorial Hospital, contributed to an article in the current issue of Milwaukee’s M Magazine. In the article, Dr. Cornella-Carlson says that education is key to helping those with eating disorders to see their need for treatment. The article indicates that bulimia and anorexia are not the only possible eating disorders. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association has classified a variety of eating disorders under the EDNOS (Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified) category. From the more commonly recognized binge eating to orthorexia, a fixation on eating healthy – the article indicates “adult eating disorders are on the rise – and there’s a lot more than you think.” Read more here.

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