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Residential Treatment:

Rogers is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital, nationally recognized for specialty residential treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults.

Video: Interview with Dr. Miller on Treatment at the Herrington Recovery Center

Dr. Miller discusses what addiction treatment at Rogers Memorial Hospitals residential center the Herrington Recovery Center entails, including individualized plans, dual diagnosis, educational sessions and more.

Featured Doctor: Michael M. Miller, MD, FASAM, FAPA , Medical Director, Herrington Recovery Center

Dr. Miller: Hi I'm Dr. Mike Miller I'm the Medical Director of the Herrington Recovery Center at Rogers Memorial Hospital. I'd like you to be able to understand what the experience can be like for people that come to addiction treatment at the Herrington Recovery Center and what some of our treatment capabilities are. At the Herrington Recovery Center we certainly focus on addiction and we have a somewhat traditional program and I will say somewhat because we go beyond what you will traditionally get in most treatment centers. Without leaving behind the fundamentals of 12 step recovery which we believe in very much.

When people are at the Herrington Recovery Center they almost always stay for four weeks or more, some people can stay for eight weeks. The length of stay is individualized and is variable based on patient need. We certainly focus on abstinence based recovery, we believe that this is a brain disease with bio-psycho-social spiritual components.

What we have at the Herrington Recovery Center is a professional treatment program where our primary therapists are masters prepared and experienced in the treatment of addiction but with some background in mental health services as well and with the full capability of dealing with the co-occuring mental disorders that may present in a patient that comes here for treatment of chemical dependency.

I personally provide educational sessions for our patients on the nature of addiction . If you need residential treatment you can come to the Herrington Recovery Center at Rogers and we have a really fine program. It's professional treatment masters prepared therapist, board certified doctors incorporating AA but it goes a lot beyond AA. How does it do that? Well, our group therapy sessions certainly incorporate a range of therapeutic modalities including motivational enhancements including cognitive behavioral therapy, coping skills training, learning drug refusal skills, relapse prevention therapy. All of it's been built into our primary therapy groups.

We want people to know that there are lots of places you can get addiction treatment and a lot of places I'd recommend but the intensity of the services we have the ability to see a physician at least once a week, average of twice a week, sometimes four days a week, the ability to have physician led care, the ability to have integrated mental health and addiction care, the ability to have specialty psychiatric care, the ability to have someone that can help you with license your issues if you're a licensed health professional. We work with attorneys and lawyers, and assistance programs all the time.

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