Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment:

Rogers is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital, nationally recognized for specialty residential treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults.

Additional Promotions at Rogers Memorial Hospital Announced

(Oconomowoc, WI) Patrick T. Hammer, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rogers Behavioral Health System (System), recently announced promotions at Rogers Memorial Hospital: Keith Degner – from Senior Director of Finance to Vice President of Finance; Renee Patterson, MHA – from Vice President of Employment and Training Services to Vice President of Human Capital; and Teresa L. Schultz, RN, MBA, from Vice President of Nursing to Vice President of Patient Care. The announcements were made as part of recent restructuring within the System.

Paul Mueller, CEO of Rogers Memorial Hospital, explained the benefits. “These changes are designed to assure continued focus on high-quality patient care, with an emphasis on the training and support of our employees, identification of operating efficiencies and building our management infrastructure to further support the hospital’s growth strategy.” He added that more administrative and clinical positions are also planned in response to increasing numbers of patients and families seeking mental health and addiction treatment services at the hospital.

Keith Degner, New Vice President-Finance

Degner has been with the hospital for over 12 years and has been highly involved in its growth and development as Senior Director of Finance. As new Vice President of Finance, he brings over 15 years of hospital administration experience and knowledge of the hospital’s operations and finances to his new role. He will work with the senior leadership team to help keep financial operations running smoothly and provide additional support for future growth.

Renee Patterson, MHA, Vice President-Human Capital

As Vice President of Employment and Training Services at the hospital since 2000, Patterson concentrated on human resources, infection control, health and staff development for employees. She was also responsible for providing institutional training for employees, including those at the Center for Organizational Advancement (COA). The COA is a hospital service that provides multiple training programs such as team building for external clients in business, community groups, professional athletic teams, schools and more. In her new position, Patterson will retain oversight of these departments. The change is intended to consolidate educational resources into one division, fostering greater teamwork, efficiencies and offerings in the area of training.

Teresa L. Schultz, RN, MBA, Vice President-Patient Care

The Vice President of Nursing for the past five years, Schultz served as Director of Nursing for about six months prior to that position. As the new Vice President of Patient Care, her role has expanded to include social services, experiential therapy, health information and operations at the Oconomowoc campus, as well as nursing services, quality improvement/risk management, spirituality, ancillary services (lab and pharmacy), and clinical informatics.

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