Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment:

Rogers is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital, nationally recognized for specialty residential treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults.

Rogers InHealth


Eliminate stigma through self-empowerment and illuminating recovery.


Rogers InHealth creates, implements and promotes accessible education and advocacy resources using story, technology and peer/key relationships to increase:

  1. Self - advocacy for stigma reduction and informed recovery choices for mental illness and addiction.
  2. Positive beliefs and discourse of the general public about recovery related to mental illness and addiction.
  3. Skills of professionals, family and friends to support recovery for people with mental illness and addiction.


  1. Increase understanding of recovery related to mental illness and addiction by developing resources to illuminate effective options for recovery and channels to disseminate the resources. Resources will encompass the diverse perspectives of children, teens, adults and older adults.
  2. Support transition to and from treatment facilities and practitioners by creating resources and sharing best practices for the home, school, workplace and community.
  3. Reduce stigma and discrimination of mental illness and addiction by facilitating and expanding best practices. (Increase access and self-efficacy and decrease self-stigma)
  4. Develop partnerships with people and organizations to guide the development of resources, evaluate the effectiveness of the resources and disseminate them to the broader community.


  • Initial program and resource content development area focus: child and adolescent anxiety disorders.
  • Video clips distributed on social media with links to broader resources and organizations.
  • Develop local/regional/national “voices” to address stigma.


The Board of Directors serve as ambassadors for the organization and work together to realize the vision and mission of Rogers InHealth through strategic planning, networking, financial oversight and fund development, program and activities support.


Director Sue McKenzie       Director Suzette Urbashich

The staff strives to achieve the vision and mission of Rogers InHealth through developing, managing, facilitating, and evaluating key initiatives related to education and advocacy for stigma reduction.


The advisory team is comprised of community partners, research and content experts, staff, and consumers.

This team works together to guide the Rogers InHealth program and resource development through collaboration and innovation.

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